Nintendo Switch Presentation: Final Predictions

The Nintendo Switch event is tomorrow only 24hrs away and before the event starts, I’d like to list all of the things I expect to happen tomorrow either during the event or in press releases after the presentation:

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Expectations: Twitter 2017

Twitter is certainly a great social network when it comes to staying up to date with news and they have somewhat had a mixed year in 2016 with management and financial issues, but in this expectations post, I’ll give you the Top 5 things I want to see from Twitter in 2017, all in no particular order. Let’s get started.

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Expectations: Apple 2017

In the 2nd post of this series of expectations for 2017, I am focusing on what I want to see from Apple next year.

Apple has had in my view somewhat a mixed 2016 when it comes to what they released, which includes an iPad Pro 9.7inch, iPhone SE, iPhone 7/Plus, AirPods (delayed), Apple Watch Series 1 & 2, new MacBook Pro and new software across the board.

Anyways getting back on track, I am now going to give you the top 10 things I want to see from Apple in 2017 beyond what we would usually expect, all in no particular order.

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Expectations: Samsung 2017

This is the start of a new series of blog posts in regards to what I want to see from large corporations in the upcoming year, and believe me no company is safe in this series of posts!

Samsung has been in the news a lot recently, all for the wrong reasons with the exploding batteries problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but they otherwise had a solid 2016 including the S7/Edge.

In the first of this series, I will be going over the top 10 things I want to see Samsung do or announce in 2017, in no particular order.

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