Is this Apple’s Car Project?

If you’re either a fan of cars or tech, you would hopefully have heard by now that Apple is looking into doing something with cars as the next major thing for the Cupertino company to take on. If not, then welcome to 2016.

I’ll start by saying that I believe I have figured out what Apple’s Car project is (or at least one they’d be considering seriously), but I could be wrong.

To start, let’s talk about the major news that has happened recently.

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Top 10: Reasons to get the iPad Pro 9.7inch

The iPad Pro 9.7 was recently announced as the 2nd member to the iPad Pro family of devices. It is designed to be a step-up from the iPad Air 2 which is still on the market and got a US$100 price drop.

In this post I am going to list the reasons I recommend you to consider upgrading or switching to the iPad Pro 9.7inch.

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