watchOS 4 Wishlist

As of Christmas 2016, I am an Apple Watch Series 2 user and I really do like the watch, but it is not perfect.

After doing my iOS 11 wishlist, I’ve decided to next branch into my watchOS 4 wishlist.

I have only used watchOS 3 onwards and not either watchOS 1 or 2, to give you some context before I get started.

Compared to my iOS 11 wishlist I do not have a concrete Top 10 things I want added to watchOS, but I do have a Top 6 list, but a lot of little things I want to see added.

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Apple’s See you on the 7th Event – Review

Apple has now had their September 2016 event where they announced the iPhone 7/Plus and Apple Watch Series 2.

In this post I am going to give you my detailed impressions on each of these announcements and the event in itself in chronological order.

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