Top 5: Reasons I’m Considering Switching to Android

As you can probably tell by the majority of blog posts I’ve written to date, I’ve been an iOS user for 7 years now and never used Android as a primary phone on a daily basis.

In this post, I am going to go over the Top 5 Reasons I’m considering an Android, as my next smartphone.

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Thoughts on Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has just over night announced the latest flagship of their Note lineup the Note 7.

Yes the current model is the Note 5 and Samsung has skipped the Note 6, likely so the Note 7 has the same numeric value as the S7/Edge and will be synchronised for the rest of the product’s life.

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Initial Impressions: WWDC 2016 Keynote

UPDATE #1: Changes to list of compatible iOS 10 devices.

Apple’s WWDC has just started with the opening keynote, where the company announced:

  • macOS Sierra
  • iOS 10
  • watchOS 3
  • tvOS 10
  • Swift Playgrounds

In this post with the event having finished not that long ago, here are my impressions of everything announced:

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