Top 10: Announcements I want to see from Apple in 2018

There is no doubt, that Apple has had a great 2017. They released the latest iPad Pro with the ProMotion 120Hz display, iPhone X and the iMac Pro along with software updates for all.

Apple has also had a few hiccups throughout the year including the announcement of the HomePod, supposedly released in December but delayed to probably as late as March 2018.

Lots of people also reported a lot of issues with iOS 11 not running well on older devices and recent controversy over Apple supposedly slowing down your older devices on purpose.

In this Top 10, I want to go over (in no particular order), what I personally want to see from Apple in 2018. This list may be different to yours since I am an app developer and is based on the devices I currently own, but I imagine a lot of people would have a few from my list.

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Initial Impressions: WWDC 2016 Keynote

UPDATE #1: Changes to list of compatible iOS 10 devices.

Apple’s WWDC has just started with the opening keynote, where the company announced:

  • macOS Sierra
  • iOS 10
  • watchOS 3
  • tvOS 10
  • Swift Playgrounds

In this post with the event having finished not that long ago, here are my impressions of everything announced:

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iOS 10 Wish List

iOS 10 will be Apple’s next mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch coming in 2016.

It is expected like most previous years to be announced in June 2016 at Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) held at the Moscone West venue in San Francisco, USA.

Out of self interest not long after iOS 9 was released to the public last year (non-beta version) I started to ask myself if there was much more that Apple could do to improve iOS besides the obvious ones like home screen widgets, improve performance, customizable control centre and a better designed music app (not to say the current one is terrible)?

As it turns out, I made myself a word document to list all of the things that in my opinion, need to be added or tweaked in iOS 10 or the coming years afterwards.

As of the time writing this blog post initially, it was at 232 and is now at 375.

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