Apple 2018 Software Wishlist (11/28): All – Consistent Siri Experience across all devices & Continuity Support.

This one is very fitting, given the recent reports coming out after the HomePod release.

An issue I have with Siri these days is that you could ask one thing to Siri on your iPhone and it doesn’t work or do the same on Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac or on the HomePod.

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Apple 2018 Software Wishlist (3/28): iOS – Dark Mode API

This one is perhaps my top requested feature for iOS 12, when it comes to the changes it provides, problems it solves and how simple it likely is to implement.

Apple introduced a dark mode in OS X Yosemite (which I have not turned off since) which was the first for Apple, then added dark mode to tvOS for making watching TV at night better.

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Apple 2018 Software Wishlist (1/28): All – Provide More Information on the Condition of Batteries for ALL Devices

This is the first in a series of posts I will be making on my blog across the month of February.

I will be going over what Apple needs to add in iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS 5, tvOS 12 (briefly), services including Siri and Apple Music and development tools/services with a big focus on Xcode.

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Before I get started, I want to address that a couple of days ago, a report ( has come out suggesting that iOS 12 and likely macOS 10.14 will be minor updates that focus more on performance, stability, secure and bug fixes and less drastic changes like major changes to the iOS home screen.

I am impartial to this change, mainly because I don’t have that many issues with iOS 11 on my iPhone X, but I do want to see the operating system become more solid less online negativity on it and so they can build on that in the future with iOS 13 etc. I hope Apple then takes the approach off adding less features each year and make sure they everything works properly!

I did pre-write this entire wishlist prior to releasing the first one below, but I will likely make some minor changes to this list to reflect this report and lower expectations slightly (which I didn’t set that high anyway). I’ll also take into consideration changes they could make to iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 that do not require much effort.

watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 are still likely going to get similar updates to the last couple of years.

Now, the first on my wishlist.

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Top 10: Announcements I want to see from Apple in 2018

There is no doubt, that Apple has had a great 2017. They released the latest iPad Pro with the ProMotion 120Hz display, iPhone X and the iMac Pro along with software updates for all.

Apple has also had a few hiccups throughout the year including the announcement of the HomePod, supposedly released in December but delayed to probably as late as March 2018.

Lots of people also reported a lot of issues with iOS 11 not running well on older devices and recent controversy over Apple supposedly slowing down your older devices on purpose.

In this Top 10, I want to go over (in no particular order), what I personally want to see from Apple in 2018. This list may be different to yours since I am an app developer and is based on the devices I currently own, but I imagine a lot of people would have a few from my list.

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iPhone X Unboxing

Back when I got my iPhone 5s at launch in 2013 as my first smartphone, I really thought the phone was the best on the market (at the time), because of it’s 64-bit processing power, Slow-Mo video recording and the first iteration of Touch ID.

The main reason I went with the 5s as my first smartphone, besides timing of purchases and really enjoying my iPod Touch 2G, is being a small device. I liked the smaller device compared to larger phones from a single-handed use with a tight grip and pocket-ability.

Not long before the iPhone 6s/Plus came out (which was the earliest point I considered upgrading), I started to warm to the idea of going for a larger screen phone. The iPhone 6/6s/7/8/Plus all had decent upgrades in them that stack up over time, but I couldn’t seriously consider upgrading to any of them mainly due to cost until the iPhone 7/Plus, but then I knew that this phone I’m unboxing today would be out this year and that 2017’s trend for smartphones was going to be the significant reduction of bezels.

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