Update 1.0: Changes to my Blog

It was only just 3 months ago, that I started writing blog posts for the first time on my new self-named blog.

Being new to blogging I partially knew what I needed to do, but I did not get the big picture until I actually started writing multiple blogs.

I have certainly learnt a lot about what blogging is useful for and what people are interested in, etc. so I have some major changes coming.

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Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my self named blog.

At the time of writing I am currently in the process of creating my own website (www.neilhoulston.com.au) and I wanted to create a blog to work alongside it and believe that having a separate WordPress blog to link to it, was the best way to go from a maintenance, post creation (including on the go and auto draft saves), commenting and search-ability perspective.

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