Apple 2018 Software Wishlist: Conclusion

A couple of days I just wrapped up my first series of posts on a particular, where I post daily for an entire month.

If you missed a post, here is the entire list in order of day of release, not necessarily order of preference for what I want to see.

  1. All – Provide more information on the condition of batteries for ALL devices
  2. iOS – Relocate Control Centre on iPhone X
  3. iOS – Dark Mode API
  4. iOS – Improve reliability on older devices, due to Apple battery debacle
  5. Mac – Allow iOS apps to run on macOS
  6. iOS – Music App Search Consistency with iTunes
  7. Xcode/Development – Reducing App File Sizes
  8. iOS – Relocating Volume HUD
  9. iOS – Turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in Control Centre
  10. All – Improve Security
  11. All – Consistent Siri Experience across all devices & continuity support
  12. All – Make Siri less reliant on web search results
  13. All – Reduce Siri’s need for Apple’s servers for all commands
  14. All – Offline Siri Voice Interpretation
  15. iOS – Ability to hide home bar on iPhone X
  16. iOS – More flexible home screen layout.
  17. iOS – Increase Face ID frequency for scanning your face
  18. iOS – Option to fade between songs like iTunes
  19. Xcode/Development – Re-add collapsable methods to Source Editor
  20. iOS – 3D Touch on Music Icon Changes
  21. iOS – 3D Touch on Messages Changes
  22. Xcode/Development – Rewrite Storyboard component of Xcode in Swift
  23. iOS – Battery Percentage always visible on iPhone X
  24. watchOS – New Watch Face that’s a mix of modular and Siri
  25. watchOS – Re-arrangeable toggles in Control Centre.
  26. Xcode/Development – Native stand-alone watchOS and tvOS apps
  27. iOS – Changeable icons on the lock screen on iPhone X
  28. iOS – Always On Display for OLED Devices

As I’m sure you’ll see just look at the list above, there are not many brand new features I’m wanting to see Apple bring out in 2018. If there are any it would be Dark Mode API, Always On Display and iOS apps on Macs.

The focus of the list is more in-line with what Apple is most likely going to do this year based on rumours, which is what I’d describe as a polishing year, or make everything that is currently out work better than before.

Everyone keeps reporting bugs that they get on iOS 11, which I had hardly any on my iPhone X and most were fixed fairly quickly.

The list is not focusing so much on bugs that Apple need to fix, but more UI/UX decisions or current technical limitations that could be better without pushing the envelope too much.

E.g. 3D Touch on Music Icon and tap on an album/playlist for some people would prefer if the album came up then they start playing a song half-way through the album/playlist.

I hope you enjoyed this series of posts as much as I did creating it.