Apple 2018 Software Wishlist (27/28): iOS – Changeable icons on the lock screen on iPhone X.

The iPhone X is the only iOS device today that has a unique home screen.

It is unique because of the lock at the top for Face ID and the buttons at the bottom for Flashlight and Camera.

At first I liked this idea of these buttons even if they were fixed and require a harder press, but as timed passed since getting the phone I wish at the very least the camera button was interchangeable to something like messages or phone, or any 3rd party app if appropriate images are provided.

Android phone’s like recent Samsung Galaxy handsets have been doing this for years in a similar way, but why can’t the iPhone X have different buttons.

Another thing I get more-a-less confused about is why there’s a camera button and and you can swipe left for camera. There should be one not two. Either Apple should remove the swipe left or allow the buttons to be interchangeable.

There should be an area in the settings app for lock screen and ability to set the button for each separately.