Apple 2018 Software Wishlist (24/28): watchOS – New Watch Face that’s a mix of modular and Siri

Ever since I got my Apple Watch Series 2, I have always predominantly used the modular watch face.

The reason I use this watch face, is because it gives you the most details on your wrist when you look at it at a glance.

The one thing that drives me mad at times with the watch face is that Apple introduced in watchOS 4 a Siri watch face that changes the information shown based on time of day etc., but I’m personally not a fan of the layout and it’s algorithm for what it shows you.

What I hope Apple introduces eventually, is a watch face that is like the modular, but certain fields can be updated based on time of day or depending on what you are doing with your watch.

For example: I have the activity complication in the middle of the screen permanently, so I can see my movement details throughout the day, but if I had music playing through my paired iPhone or straight from the watch, I wish it could change to either music controls or show the song that is now playing.

I am aware that if music is playing the Now Playing screen can come up first instead, but sometimes I want it and other times I don’t, so merging both would be great.

The easiest way for Apple to create a watch that is useful in all scenarios possible is to create a new watch face and in the watch iOS app, allow users to rank up to 3 complications per slot on the watch face. This would mean that if something important is happening with the 2nd or 3rd allocated complication, then that would overrule the first.

You could set in the watch settings app a complication to pull up your airplane boarding pass, but set that as a 2nd allocated complication, so it would override the 1st in that slot, if your watch knows you are at an airport to make it quicker to pull up your plane ticket for boarding.

In short the idea is to replace a single slot complications watch face to one that would speed up the process of getting to the information you want at the right time.