Apple 2018 Software Wishlist (23/28): iOS – Battery Percentage always visible on iPhone X.

I knew going into getting the iPhone X that the battery percentage would not always be visible in the status bar, but is visible if you swipe down from the top right to show Control Centre.

If you move Control Centre to the multitasking screen like one of my previous posts suggested, it would make it even harder to see.

The more and more I use my iPhone X, the more I feel that Apple could easily add an option to display battery percentage instead of the battery icon.

I did initially think optionally putting the percentage inside the battery would be the best of both, but that text would be far too small it wouldn’t be very readable.

Also, if a percentage is visible in the top right as just text instead of the icon, they could shrink the text for 100% for it to fit better, but also the numbers would not get mixed up with anything else like time since that is on the other side of the notch.