Apple 2018 Software Wishlist (18/28): iOS – Option to fade between songs like iTunes

When I started to put this list of the top things I want to see Apple work on for software in 2018, I knew this would of been my 2nd most requested feature behind the Dark Mode API.

I want Apple to bring the optional music fade effect from iTunes to the iOS music app.

To keep the story brief, I was organising music for my sister’s party and I said fading the music makes a huge difference to the vibe at a party, and it certainly did.

As it turns out, because it was not an option in Apple Music, I had to resort to using Spotify to get what I wanted!

During this whole process, I got incredibly addicted to ordering and timing music in a way that felt natural.

I also started listening to my own playlist of music in iTunes and I just got so much more involved in the music I was listening too, because there were no quiet parts between songs.

Adding this to iOS could be argued as the major addition to Apple Music this year, like how they tried to make the social aspect of Apple Music better.