Apple 2018 Software Wishlist (16/28): iOS – More flexible Home Screen Layout

I understand that recent rumours suggest that this is not happening this year and has been delayed until iOS 13 in 2019, but I thought I’d keep it in this wishlist anyways as I have wanted this for the longest time and there are quite a few valid points to be made about this. Apple should keep these in mind when redesigning the home screen.


This one has always been one of, if not the main reason I considered switching to Android at various stages over the past few years, is because of Android’s home screen layout.

Most want Android because you can use widgets on the home screen, but I’d see it more for the less strict app layout.

I don’t think Apple needs to change how the home screen works or how it adds new apps to the home screen or handle folders, it just needs to allow people to move home screen icons to any slot on the home screen.

The biggest reason I always wanted this was from the point of view of reach ability on larger screened phones like the iPhone X and Plus variants of iPhones.

I currently tend to put apps I use less often or more likely when I am sitting down and using two hands up the top of the home screen because it’s hard to reach single handed with a tight grip.

I reckon adding this loose grid system to the iOS home screen will probably half the gap between iOS’s and Android’s home screens and even the OS’s themselves for the average consumer for how they perceive them.

Now if Apple is completely redesigning the home screen, that is a massive discussion for another time by itself, which I may go an article on in-time. However, if Apple also does redesign the home screen in iOS 13, I doubt it will go as far as what Android’s home screen works from a UI and UX perspective.