Apple 2018 Software Wishlist (12/28): All – Make Siri Less Reliant on Web Search Results

Another aspect of Siri that drives me up the wall is when you ask it a complex question that Google Now or Amazon’s Alexa and they give you an accurate answer immediately, but Siri comes back and says “I found this on the web for…”.

The reason this drives me insane, is that this feature basically disensentivises the reason to use Siri, because it can’t respond to complex questions.

If you ask Siri “What are the best headphones to buy?”, it’ll likely bring up web results. I mean isn’t this a perfect opportunity for Apple to flog Beats Headphones at their Apple Online Store?

A new report has come out saying that the following smart assistants can answers the following percentage of questions from a total of 782 queries which cover local, commerce, navigation, information and other commands.

  • HomePod/Siri: 52.3% correct but understood 99.4% of queries.
  • Google Home/Google Assistant: 81% correct.
  • Amazon Echo/Alexa: 64% correct.
  • Microsoft’s Cortana: 57% correct.

The report does mention that if you removed the navigation, calling, email and calendar-related queries from the test, Siri would have got 67% correct and the chart shows that navigation is definitely the HomePod’s weakest area.

Long story short: Siri needs to be less reliant on web search results for queries it can’t do currently.