Apple 2018 Software Wishlist (11/28): All – Consistent Siri Experience across all devices & Continuity Support.

This one is very fitting, given the recent reports coming out after the HomePod release.

An issue I have with Siri these days is that you could ask one thing to Siri on your iPhone and it doesn’t work or do the same on Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac or on the HomePod.

An example is asking your Apple Watch “Turn off Wi-Fi on my iPhone”, it will say “Sorry I can’t help you with that on your Apple Watch”.

Another example is asking Siri “How do you say Hello in French”, it will say “OK, here’s what I found”. If you do it on the Mac it will display the French terminology, but if you do it on your iPhone, it would say “bonjour” out-loud. Another example is if you ask it how do you say a phrase in a different language, it’ll bring up web search results instead, but Siri will translate, then display and say the translation at the same time.

You would think that Siri is the same on all device, but apparently not.

I also watched a video today from UrAvgConsumer on YouTube who compared the 3 best sounding smart speakers on the market, and a couple of times, the HomePod gave a response of “I can’t get the answer to that on HomePod.”

I’m not saying we need features like “Hey Siri, Call Mum” to Siri on your Apple TV and expect it to work through your TV. However, even if we had continuity like features added to Siri and say things such as “Hey Siri, start playing The Grand Tour on the Apple TV” to Siri on your Apple Watch or iPhone and it will open Amazon Prime Video on your Apple TV and play the next episode you are up too (assuming you have an active account and are already logged in). This will also make the Apple ecosystem even stronger and make it harder for Apple users to get non-Apple devices especially when Siri gets dramatically better. This is just like your iPhone talking to your Mac to send phone calls, messages and web-links.

I hope Apple ends up creating this seamless experience just like Google Assistant with how it is the same on all devices.