iPhone X Unboxing

Back when I got my iPhone 5s at launch in 2013 as my first smartphone, I really thought the phone was the best on the market (at the time), because of it’s 64-bit processing power, Slow-Mo video recording and the first iteration of Touch ID.

The main reason I went with the 5s as my first smartphone, besides timing of purchases and really enjoying my iPod Touch 2G, is being a small device. I liked the smaller device compared to larger phones from a single-handed use with a tight grip and pocket-ability.

Not long before the iPhone 6s/Plus came out (which was the earliest point I considered upgrading), I started to warm to the idea of going for a larger screen phone. The iPhone 6/6s/7/8/Plus all had decent upgrades in them that stack up over time, but I couldn’t seriously consider upgrading to any of them mainly due to cost until the iPhone 7/Plus, but then I knew that this phone I’m unboxing today would be out this year and that 2017’s trend for smartphones was going to be the significant reduction of bezels.

People that have known me for a while either via these blog posts or in-person, will know that I hated phablets with enormous screens. The reason for this was not just because of the screen size of 5.5+ inches, it was because of the bezels around the screen that made the device bigger than it needed to be.

Rumours then started to circulate around the time after 6s/Plus launch in 2015 that Apple was working on a bezel-less iPhone, and I knew that if and when I upgrade my 5s to another iPhone, that I would hold out at absolutely most until this design came out, and that is what this iPhone X (pronounced 10) has, and the main reason for me to upgrade.

Also for the record, this is the 1st Apple product I have upgraded ever (ignoring software updates)!

Ordering Process:

Before I go into the pictured unboxing, I’d like to go over how exactly I got my iPhone X on launch day.

With the iPhone 8 launch, I did a practice run for when I would need to do it for the iPhone X, but purely did this from a how long did it take to get on basis, not going as far as ordering screen.

When I did this, my iPad Air got into the Apple Store 1 minute after launch time, iPhone 5s was 3mins after that and Safari was 3mins after that. All connected through our home Wi-Fi.

For the iPhone X, I logged into the Apple Store app on my 5s and iPad Air (1) and favourited only the specific model I wanted, made sure the favourites tab was visible in the app then force closed the app via multitasking (replicated on both). Doing this will reduce an additional tap at launch time having to tap to go to Favourites.

I setup my iPad Air to home Wi-Fi which is on the NBN on a 100/40Mbps plan and my phone to the Telstra 4G network, so if one network was down then the other should work fine.

I also logged into Apple Store in Safari on my MacBook Pro before the website went down 6.5hrs before launch time.

At launch time, I consistently opened, force closed and reopened the Apple Store app on my iPad and other family members help separately with doing the same on my phone and someone else refreshing the Safari webpage. I chose to use the iPad personally, because I knew what I had to do and it was first when I did the iPhone 8 test before.

At 6:01pm I couldn’t get in, and we all re-entered constantly until about 6:04pm, where I got in on my iPad and ordered it in a couple of minutes. After my order was done, my phone and MacBook were still not in the store. Then at 6:10pm, it slipped to 1-2 weeks and then by 7:30pm, they had slipped to 5-6 weeks.

The reason I explained all of this was to ask the question, do they allow the iPad to connect first to the Apple Store or is it purely a case of the speed of the internet connection? If we are able to determine what is best, then this strategy can help people with similar launches in the future that have very limited supply.


Anyways, back to the unboxing.

I ordered the iPhone X Space Gray 64GB, which that configuration is another story for another day, but it arrived by the courier TNT Express at 1:22pm on Friday 3rd November, here in Australia. Got the tracking number at 7pm the night before, which had no data of where it was until I checked it 7:30am the next morning which it arrived in Melbourne from Sydney at 6:34am, then went on courier’s run at 11:47am.

Below is a slideshow of the unboxing process I did for the device. All photos were taken on my iPhone 5s it is replacing.

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The following notes had to be mentioned about my unboxing process:

  • No box fart.
  • My first thought when I picked up the phone, was that it was lighter than I anticipated, since everyone said it was due to glass both sides and stainless steel, it’s hardly any more than other phones. The feel of the weight though does make it feel more premium. Can tell the difference though
  • The True Tone Display was already turned on out of the box, so when you had the option to disable and you press the button to see it turned off, it was very glaringly blue, so kept that on for sure.
  • Folded cardboard is very good from an environmental perspective while keeping it all in-tact.
  • I restored from an iCloud Backup and it took about 15mins to complete.
  • Is it just me or has the included Apple stickers got larger? Must be compared to my ones included with my 5s.

And that brings it to a close for this post.

Stay tuned for my iPhone X Initial Impressions, which I’ll likely released in the next couple of days after unboxing.

For a full review, I’m going to do it a bit differently to others and release it after a month’s use. Most tech YouTuber’s (ignoring early review units) will do reviews after a week, but since the wait times are 5-6 weeks now and you are likely reading/watching reviews to decide whether or not to order it to eventually get, and after a month’s use. I may also have some slightly different views from the one week reviews and it could potentially be my most detailed post to date.

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