My NBN Story: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I live in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs about 20km from the CBD and we recently just got connected to the NBN.

As I’m sure anyone who is reading this, you will be curious to know yet another perspective as to how it all went and if all of these online reviews are true or “FAKE NEWS!”.

I am expecting this to be the biggest post on my blog to date, so I’m going to break this article down into 5 stages being.

  1. NBN Connecting Our House
  2. Signing up with an ISP
  3. ISP Setting Up Our Connection
  4. Our real-world results after setup’s completed
  5. Conclusion and Where to From Here

Before I start getting technical, I will say that not everything went as I expected and some stuff I have to say you might be surprised to hear, but it’s not all negative if anything it balances out to be neutral or slightly positive in the long run.

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Top 10 + 1: Expected OLED iPhone Features

Now that WWDC 2017 has been and gone I can confidently say that it was perhaps the best WWDC since 2014 at the very least.

Whilst watching the primary keynote back a few times I started to notice a lot of things that make it more obvious as to what was announced at the conference leads to the major changes coming with the OLED iPhone later this year.

In this post, I’m going to highlight in no particular order the 10 features I’m expecting to see in this OLED iPhone.

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