Nintendo Switch Presentation: Final Predictions

The Nintendo Switch event is tomorrow only 24hrs away and before the event starts, I’d like to list all of the things I expect to happen tomorrow either during the event or in press releases after the presentation:

  • The Switch will come in a single SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) just like the Wii instead of the Wii U which had 2.
  • Have 32GB’s of storage, expandable by microSD card.
  • USB-C port which could work with a power bank to extend battery life.
  • Expect Nintendo to sell an external battery solution if battery life is below expectations.
  • Expect battery life to be 3-5hrs of video game use depending on screen brightness, control inputs used or any wireless communication like WiFi.
  • Friends Codes will no longer exist and work instead via MyNintendo accounts.
  • They’ll briefly touch on decal stickers during the presentation mainly due to Zelda.
  • Zelda will be a launch title and may be a week or two delayed for Wii U but will still have a limited physical release like the limited edition version of Star Fox Zero.
  • Mario will be discussed and may get a trailer but release closer to Christmas 2017.
  • We will see the navigation menu, which I am hoping will be based off Android but I somehow have my doubts that’ll happen.
  • Console will sell for AU$330-350. Anything more then that, it will not sell as well. Wii U was and still is AU$430 for deluxe bundle.
  • If single SKU, I expect there to be no pack-in game, leaving it up to retailers to make deals etc.
  • We will get details on the share button on the left joycon.
  • Switch will come with one TV docking station with more available separately for AU$100 or less to sell idea of dock it into any TV in your home.
  • Very briefly go over 3rd party launch games.
  • Briefly explain how Amiibo functionality works.

What I want to see that has not been announced:

  • Main menu for Switch system being powered by Android with support for Google Play App Store so other apps can run on the system, making the perfect tablet/handheld gaming device. Also meaning it would use Android apps like Chrome and YouTube instead of separately made versions like the Wii U had which were significantly inferior.
  • What is happening with Mario Kart if it is 8.5, true sequel to Mario Kart 8 etc.
  • What will be in the SKUs besides the tablet, controller, TV dock and Joycon Grip.
  • Bluetooth support for headphones.

What I don’t expect to see:

  • Footage of games not released in 2017.
  • Any kind of VR stuff, which Nintendo will only really announce if Switch sells well, like what happened with PlayStation VR.
  • No footage of Smash Bros on Switch if not released before E3 2017 in June.