Expectations: Twitter 2017

Twitter is certainly a great social network when it comes to staying up to date with news and they have somewhat had a mixed year in 2016 with management and financial issues, but in this expectations post, I’ll give you the Top 5 things I want to see from Twitter in 2017, all in no particular order. Let’s get started.

Native Night Mode for Web Browser Use

One of the things I loved the most about Twitter that was added this year, was a Night Mode feature on the iOS apps.

This turns the screen to have a black background with white text instead of the usual white background with black text (like this blog you are reading right now).

This is still not supported in the web version of Twitter. I currently use a Chrome extension called ‘Twitter Web – Night Mode’ and that to a large degree does the same job but it’s not quite a polished as it is in the iOS app for Night Mode, so I hope that Twitter integrates this into the actual service.

Explore following topics or topics from users

I have noticed that a lot of people post a lot of stuff on Twitter but not necessarily for the topics that you subscribed to them for.

I know people like Chris Pirillo talk about multiple topics on Twitter including Star Wars, politics and technology and not everyone that follows him necessarily wants to see politics, or Star Wars or even technology for example, but they want to hear his thoughts on topics that they like.

What I’m saying is that Twitter should add a topic to their tweet or auto-add based off algorithm detecting what the tweeter is posting about. Facebook did this in the past and may not have had much success but it could very well suit Twitter  better than Facebook.

Consider not counting hashtags in character limit

Twitter made the character limit a bit more palatable this year by not counting multimedia such as photos not towards the limit, but hashtags still count towards the 140 character limit.

I find myself when I do tweets, write the message first then go to put hashtags in and I always cannot fit them in, unless I made part of my message be hashtags or reduce my message.

Making hashtags not count towards your limit would make it a lot easier to compose and send out tweets.

Twitter on Apple TV and Android TV

Twitter has brought a live-streaming app to the Apple TV earlier this year but it’s not your proper Twitter feed like you get on your smartphone or tablet.

What would be great is if Twitter brought out an Android TV app for Twitter but also have a Twitter app for the Apple TV that is more like the main Twitter app on your phone or tablet.

Explore new technologies like VR and AI

Twitter could also do with innovating in some new areas if they want to prove to the world that Twitter still matters or matters more than just being an up to date news feed, but this could be achieved through the use of a VR app on devices such as Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR or even integrating Artificial Intelligence in such a way to enhance the experience that Twitter already provides.

UPDATE 30 Dec 2016: Also forgot to add that I do want to see the ability to edit tweets but like Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter has said recently, it is still questionable as to how it should be implemented. If I had to suggest anything, I say make a tweet editable within 5 minutes of posting. https://9to5mac.com/2016/12/29/edit-tweets-on-twitter-support/

So that’s it for my list. That all being said, I expect that the likelihood of any of these happen are slim but would love if they did, especially the night mode one.

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