Top 5: Reasons to NOT get a 32GB iPhone 7/Plus

Apple has just announced the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which come with double the storage capacities of the previous generation, now resulting in 32, 128 and 256GB’s of storage.

This is definitely great because a) Apple has moved on from the 16GB model and b) you get more value for money.

In this top 5, I am going to list the reasons why despite the base model now starting at 32GB, you should skip it and go straight to the 128GB model.

5. 4K Video Recording


One of the main reasons why everyone was encouraged to skip the 16GB model of the iPhone 6s/Plus, was because of the ability to record in 4K.

On a 16GB iPhone you get around 13GB’s of free space out of the box and if the very first thing you do is go to the camera and record 4K Video at 30 FPS (frames per second), you would only be able to record at most 35 minutes of footage, since 4K Video at 30FPS is 375MB per minute.

On a 32GB model, expect around 60mins of footage, 128GB being around 4 hours of footage.


4. You’re a Photographer


If you own an iPhone 6/Plus or older and take a lot of photos, you’ll think that 32GB is enough for taking lots of photos and selfies.

Not so much.

Since the iPhone 6s/Plus, the rear camera is now 12MP in size compared to 8MP on the 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6 Plus. This means photo taken with the rear camera for file sizes are going to take up about 50% more storage.

The iPhone 7 Plus has a dual 12MP camera on the back which means it could take up double that amount of storage.

The selfie camera is a similar story. The iPhone 7/Plus has a 7MP front facing camera, vs. 1.2MP on most previous generations (5MP on 6s/Plus), which will take up to 6x more storage, so if you are a selfie addict, just save yourself the drama and get the 128GB model.

3. Apple Music Offline Listening


If you are an Apple Music subscriber like myself, you will without a doubt know that saving music for offline listening is the best way to listen to music for a smoother listening experience.

Each song I have found on average takes up about 8MB of space for a 3:30-4:00 minute song on iTunes and is likely a similar story on iOS devices. If you have a collection that contains thousands of songs, that could be a lot of data taken up in itself.

Same applies for if you save music videos for offline viewing which are all in High Definition which are likely 150-200MB each.

Speaking of videos…

2. Save Movies and TV Shows Offline


If you have a collection of movies and TV shows from iTunes for example and you want to watch any of them when you are either on a long road trip or long flight, you will be able to save a lot more videos with a 128GB model.

This was one of the main reasons I got a 64GB iPad Air back at launch a few years back, and I am glad I did.

1. Apps & Updates (Operating System Updates)


If you are an app addict like myself, you probably have a lot of apps on your phone.

You can check on your iOS device by going to Settings -> General -> About and look at the figure next to Applications (FYI I have 211 including some of my own from programming).

Now there is a few reasons within this:

  1. App Sizes: Apps are increasingly getting larger by the day due to their complexity, large image file sizes etc. This is more of an issue for 5.5inch sizes iPhones as they use larger artwork compared to the 4.7inch iPhones due to a higher resolution screen.
  2. App Updates: If you do not have enough storage, you won’t be able to update your apps. This is crucial if there are bug fixes that need to be installed for you to actually use the apps you want and a lot of apps today are starting to stop people using the app until they update it.
  3. iOS Updates: If there is an important security fix released such as iOS 9.3.5 a few weeks ago and you do not have enough storage space, you won’t be able to securely keep your device protected from anything malicious that could happen.


It may seem like it is a lot to pay an extra US$100 or AU$150 to go from 32GB’s to 128GB’s but it’s a) better value then it was before and b) is a worthwhile investment that you’ll be glad you did further down the track.

That’s it for this post. If this post helped you make a decision between getting a 32GB and 128GB phone, be sure to leave a like on this post or on my Twitter page @neilh_apps.