Thoughts on Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has just over night announced the latest flagship of their Note lineup the Note 7.

Yes the current model is the Note 5 and Samsung has skipped the Note 6, likely so the Note 7 has the same numeric value as the S7/Edge and will be synchronised for the rest of the product’s life.

The Note 7 is really an S7/Edge that is slightly bigger, has an Iris Scanner, starts with 64GB of built-in storage and has a few additional software enhancements.

Samsung once again had a fairly quick Unpacked event unveiling all of the details about the device, with the specific details for the Note 7 alone all wrapped up in 20mins~.

Below are some of my thoughts on some of the additions for the Note 7:

GIF Maker: Surely there’s an app for that. And yes it’s pronounced JIF.

Always On Display: Like how the notes you write can now be visible when the device is locked. Seems like there are more options available for what to display on the screen, which is great. Hope for software update with these updates for the S7/Edge.

64GB Storage: Great move highlighting the fact the Note series is the higher end of their flagship lineup and helps to justify the AU$100 price difference compared to the S7 Edge.

4GB of RAM: Same as last year, so lets hope that they have made some more RAM management optimizations.

Iris Scanner: Seems to work pretty well for most users (that I’ve seen videos for online),

S Pen: Really glad they fixed the put pen in slot backwards issue and find it really cool how that also helps to make the phone IP68 rating like the S7/Edge and work under-water.

Processor & GPU: They seem to be exactly the same as the S7/Edge so specs are not too special beyond those models.

Design: I still like the look of the device since the S6 but am curious to see what they do with the design next year.

USB-C: I like that they changed to the USB-C connector mainly from the reversible connection perspective like Apple’s Lightning Adapter and I expect this is now a given to come to the S8/Edge.

Gear VR Update:

Updated Galaxy Gear VR Headset (all black is new model).

Samsung also announced an updated Gear VR headset, which supports USB-C devices (along with microUSB devices) and has a wider view thanks to improved lenses.

I tried the initial version at the Technology & Gadget Expo in Melbourne last month and three of the biggest complaints I had with it was:

  • Black corners that ruins the immersion the headset tries to achieve, which sounds like is fixed on this model.
  • Quite a low resolution result, which likely won’t get better until a phone with a 4K display can be used.
  • Looks like a flat image and does not have any real sense of depth like in real life.


I like what the Note 7 has to it, but it doesn’t feel like that big of an upgrade when we know all about and can already get our hands on an S7 or S7 Edge, and the other things I’m curious about include:

  • Why Samsung did not release a version without the curved edges.
  • If software updates going to be any better on this model? Unlocked or not?
  • When it will get Android Nougat?

The Gear VR headset also looks like a nice update, but based on my experience of using the first one and what they say has changed in the 2nd update, I’m still not that heavily interested in it.

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