What To Expect: Nintendo NX

As someone who has been quite invested in Nintendo’s games and franchises, its no surprise that I am genuinely curious as to what the Nintendo NX is.

Nintendo to date has only announced that the NX (code name until real name announced) is a new home console coming in March 2017 and that’s it.

Nintendo Wii U Home Console (Launched Late 2012)

The Wii U is the current home console from Nintendo and despite owning one myself and enjoying a lot of the games that are made for it, I will even admit that it was not a financial success for the Japanese gaming company.

Nintendo 3DS Handheld Console (Launched Early 2011)

The Wii U was released in Late 2012 and Nintendo’s latest handheld the original 3DS was released in early 2011 and multiple variants have released since including the 3DS XL and New 3DS and New 3DS XL.

That all being said, Nintendo has not had a new handheld console since 2011 and a new home console since 2012.

The reason I am making this blog post is based off the latest report from Eurogamer.net which says that the NX is a handheld and home console hybrid.

The Eurogamer.net report suggests the handheld console will be based off an approved patent for Nintendo, and look like the bottom half of a 3DS but larger and detachable controllers from the left and right side of the screen.

It is also rumoured that Nintendo is likely to use cartridges as the media format for the NX, just like they do on the 3DS.

The handheld can then be attached to another home console unit that could potentially have more graphical power to output the games to your large TV.

What are the advantages of a hybrid console?

There are multiple advantages from having a hybrid gaming console.

  • Games made by Nintendo are for both platforms.
  • You can take your home console games, on the go (likely Nintendo’s slogan).
  • You can play portable Nintendo games on your TV at home (Pokemon likely a great example of this, as no Pokemon games made for home consoles, besides Pokemon Stadium, XD and Snap).
  • Could potentially result in more games made for both platforms.
  • Could be cheaper than purchasing a new handheld and new home console.
  • Home console level graphics power (such as like the Wii U) but on a handheld device on the go. Think of it like graphics from apps like Real Racing on an iPad but on a Nintendo handheld.

Thoughts on the Concept:

Nintendo NX Concept by Eurogamer.net

The concept as a whole has been rumoured about for quite a while now.

I remember multiple years back that Nintendo restructured their company so their handheld and home console divisions of the company all work together. This means that Nintendo might have thought about this approach of a hybrid console for perhaps as long as the Wii U has been around.

I personally am not gaming as much as I use too, but the Nintendo NX does sound really intriguing.

In Australia on a show called Good Game Pocket (online show), they made an episode almost entirely discussing this concept and he demonstrated it with an iPad and a Wii Remote & Nunchuck strapped to each side of it, to then ask everyone in their office if they would buy it. And likelihood purchase was about 1 in 3 people.

What do I want to see from the NX:

Now that we have somewhat a better grasp of what the NX is going to be, I want to see the following form the new console:

  • Price of around AU$400 for both the handheld and home console hardware together (about same price as Wii U Deluxe alone).
  • Games that are priced around AU$60 and not more only because it is for a hybrid console.
  • Handheld console having a substantially higher resolution screen, potentially a 1080p display.
  • Better graphics on the handheld with no option of a glasses-free 3D display.
  • Make the screen a touch screen for further use cases.
  • Be small and portable enough to take with you but not large like an iPad which would be cumbersome.
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Wii U at E3 2016.
  • A decent game lineup at launch with at least:
    • Zelda Breath of the Wild NX
    • A Mario Game of some sought (ideally 3D Mario).
    • A few ports of Wii U games to help sell to non-Wii U users.
  • Support for Nintendo’s mobile apps (recently rumoured about as well).
  • Have vastly better Wi-Fi support, such as 802.11n and 802.11ac with potentially 5GHz Wi-Fi support for smoother gaming experience.
  • Motion control support in the detachable controllers from the handheld.
  • Release some Wii U games, even if it is just via Virtual Console.
  • Expandable storage and quite a bit of local storage on the handheld, maybe 32GBs like Wii U.
  • A decent marketing campaign to get as many early sales as possible. This is partially why the Wii U didn’t do well.
  • Support for popular video format playback. E.g. VLC on a Nintendo handheld.
  • Popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc., potentially ported from Android.
  • Potentially Twitch support.
  • A great platform for 3rd party developers to develop for, or port too.
  • Support for Bluetooth headphones.
  • The cartridges that the NX uses can be taken out and put into the home console part of the NX.
  • Game data is saved to the cartridge like 3DS games.


Every time Nintendo releases a new handheld or home console, they always try to be different. Nintendo makes all the PlayStations and Xbox’s look almost exactly the same every time about from graphical improvement etc.

I will still reserve judgement of the system until it is at the very least announced, which the Eurogamer.net report suggests it’ll be announced this September. But if I had to guess what the NX would be, I thought all along that it could very likely be a hybrid, mainly from the view of both the 3DS and Wii U are both due for successors.

But I am curious to hear from you:

“What do you want to see from the NX? And would you get one based off this concept?”

I am likely not going to invest in the NX, regardless of what it is because I do not game anywhere near as much as I use too, but I am really excited to hear more about it and even try it out.

But leave a comment below or on the Twitter post, I’m curious to hear what you have to say.

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Eurogamer Report: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-07-26-nx-is-a-portable-console-with-detachable-controllers