Kelly Pool – Android Version Out Now

The number 1 form of feedback I had for the iOS Kelly Pool app was:

“Is there an Android version?” – Everyone.

So I am pleased today to announce that my Kelly Pool is now officially on the Google Play App Store.

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This Version 1.0.0 update has all of the features from the original version on iOS, including almost all of the changes introduced in Version 1.1 just a fortnight ago.

For those that do not know what Kelly Pool is, it’s an alternative pool table game that is suitable for groups small and large and is designed to suit beginners and enthusiasts of the game.

The concept of the game is each player is given anywhere from 1 to 6 balls each (subject to number of players and quantity of balls each player wants). Each ball is a different number from every other allocated ball, the aim is to sink the balls into the pockets around the table with 2 different approaches to the game.

Sink Balls You Win: You sink all of your allocated balls into the pockets before anyone else does to win.

Last Man Standing: The last ball to be sunk into a pocket is one of yours in order to win.

So where does the iOS and Android apps come into it?

The apps itself:

  • Keep track of who has been allocated each ball.
  • Allow people to check which balls they have been allocated.
  • Is practical for use cases where people do not have a Kelly Pool set on them to allocate numbers.
  • Keeps track of how many balls each player has left and which ones specifically.
  • Tell you if a ball was not allocated to anyone to avoid people cheating the system etc.

Besides being asked to make an Android version, I’ve had lots of positive feedback in person and hope users of the Android version enjoy the app just as much as the iOS users.

Kelly Pool is available for free on the iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) App Store and Google Play App Store for Android, with optional one-off in-app purchases to remove all ads.

iOS App Store:

Google Play App Store: