Kelly Pool – V1.1.0 Update

It was exactly two months ago, that the Kelly Pool was first released on iOS.

Since then, I have had a lot of positive feedback in person on the app itself, but I was given a few ideas as to how the app could be better.

Based on this and a few ideas of my own, I am now today releasing the next major update to the Kelly Pool app.

This update will both feel familiar and different at the same time. Let me highlight the changes made in this release:

Redesigned Player Details Screen:

The ‘Player Details’ screen since release involved a couple of text fields that required users to use a keypad to enter the number of players and number of balls for each player.

This created a few issues being a) no clear way to hide the keypad when finished, b) was a slightly lengthy process and c) had room for error with numbers entered for each criteria.

I have solved this issue by using switches for both players and balls each as you can see in the screenshot below.

Simulator Screen Shot 11 Jul 2016, 8.36.04 PM

So now you just tap on the number of players you have and then the available number of balls for each player is shown, which both reduces the room for error and is a lot faster to complete.

Player Names now all on One Screen:

Previously one of the tedious processes of setting up a game was having separate screens to enter each player’s name on, but now this is all available on one screen.

This will now speed up the process and allow people to go back to change names.

Up to 6 Balls for Each Player:

Previously each user could only have a maximum of 3 balls each, but this limit has now been raised to 6.

This is especially useful for games that have only 2 or 3 players, as it gives more length to each game.

Landscape Mode Support:

Landscape mode was partially supported ever since release.

This release however adds support for all of the apps screens and supported devices, including the Gameplay screen to work in landscape mode, which is a nice addition especially for iPad users.

Check Remaining Player’s Balls:

This is perhaps the No. 1 request I have for additional features added to the app.

Especially with up to 6 balls for each player, hardly anybody would be able to remember all 6 balls they have allocated for them.

Simulator Screen Shot 11 Jul 2016, 8.36.29 PM

From the Gameplay screen, you can now tap on your name at the top of the screen and you’ll be presented with a screen that will show you your allocated balls.

But it doesn’t stop there. To help remove confusion as to what has sunk and what hasn’t, this screen will only show you the balls you have left in play.

Honesty system is assumed for this feature. Don’t be that other guy!

Redesigned Settings Screen:

The settings screen has gotten a UI redesign and now resembles closer to what the home screen looks like.

Very Minor Rule Changes:

The rules have had a very minor change to make it clearer to understand for when a player sinks a white ball when it comes to their penalties.

Other Minor Changes:

The app has also received a few minor changes including:

  • Removal of the “Home” navigation bar up top on the home screen.
  • ‘Players Balls’ screen now says ‘Your number is’ if you only have one ball allocated to you or one left in play.
  • Sound Effects now stop immediately when the ‘OK’ and ‘Done’ buttons are tapped from the alerts that appear.
  • Text below app icon on home screen and on the multitasking screen now has Kelly Pool with a space in-between each word.
  • Bug fixes especially when it comes to keeping track of the players balls when they sink.

So that is it for this… BUT WAIT there’s one more thing…

I appreciate all of the feedback that I have received for the Kelly Pool iOS app to date including what will help improve their experience of using the app, but there is one question that has risen above all others.

“Is there an Android version of this Kelly Pool app?”

To date no there isn’t, but I am officially announcing today that I will be starting development of the Android version of the Kelly Pool app very soon, with no planned time for release yet. So rest assure, it is on its way.

And now that is it for this update.

Improved Player Details screen, Players Names now on one screen, up to 6 balls each, full landscape mode support, check players remaining balls and more, I think you’re all going to love this update.

You can download the iOS app including the update for free by clicking here and the Android version is on it’s way.

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