Top 10: iPhone 7 Predictions

With WWDC 2016 finishing a couple of weeks ago, here are my Top 10 Predictions for the iPhone 7/Plus based on what we expect to see, what I want to see, factoring in rumours & leaks, and ranked based on likelihood of happening.

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What To Expect: Nintendo NX

As someone who has been quite invested in Nintendo’s games and franchises, its no surprise that I am genuinely curious as to what the Nintendo NX is.

Nintendo to date has only announced that the NX (code name until real name announced) is a new home console coming in March 2017 and that’s it.

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Kelly Pool – V1.1.0 Update

It was exactly two months ago, that the Kelly Pool was first released on iOS.

Since then, I have had a lot of positive feedback in person on the app itself, but I was given a few ideas as to how the app could be better.

Based on this and a few ideas of my own, I am now today releasing the next major update to the Kelly Pool app.

This update will both feel familiar and different at the same time. Let me highlight the changes made in this release:

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