Update 1.0: Changes to my Blog

It was only just 3 months ago, that I started writing blog posts for the first time on my new self-named blog.

Being new to blogging I partially knew what I needed to do, but I did not get the big picture until I actually started writing multiple blogs.

I have certainly learnt a lot about what blogging is useful for and what people are interested in, etc. so I have some major changes coming.

Length of Blog Posts:

I have noticed that the more I blog, the longer my posts generally are.

I realise that a lot of my blog posts tend to have a lot of padding in it, which is not very beneficial for people that are frequently reading technology based news.

The approach I took with the blog, was to help people that do not understand a lot of the technological changes happening today, to explain to them in a way that they could understand.

My plan now is to not scrap this, but depending on each blog post I write, to have less of an explaining focus before providing my thoughts and get more straight to the point.

Less Frequent Blog Posts:

When I started blogging, I thought I would be posting maybe on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Instead over an almost 12 week period I have posted 33 blog posts (before this one), or on average 2.75 or 3 blog posts a week.

I will admit that I got really hooked on expressing my opinions on a lot of the topics that are out there, but for the time and effort that I am putting into the blogs, it’s not sustainable for me to do this from a time and financial perspective.

This means I will now be aiming to take more of an approach of blogging more so as a hobby and posting once every week or fortnight depending on what there is to talk about.

Wider Variety of Topics:

With the blog posts that I have made, the vast majority (if not all) of them were technology focused.

I am extremely passionate about the IT industry, but I do not want to only post technology based stuff.

You’ll notice on YouTube, there are people like Lamarr Wilson, who post a variety of videos from unboxing (most well known for), to reviews on products, to gaming videos etc. He takes the approach of creating content that he wants to create, because at the end of the day if you do not enjoy what you are doing, why bother?

I am now going to take this approach (where applicable) of posting what I want. You can tell it is “Neil’s Blog” not “Neil’s Technology Blog” even though it feels like that prior to these changes.

Update to Blog Home Page:

The style I am currently using for my blog home page is very much what I wanted to have from day 1.

I am now starting to have 2nd thoughts as to if the current theme is the best for my blog in terms of scrolling through content to see older blog posts.

I may in the near future change the style of my home page, to better suit scrolling less, but no guarantees.

List Updates to Blog Posts on Top:

Especially with my iOS 10 Wishlist and OS X 10.12 Wishlist blog posts, I have taken the approach of continuously adding to them over time.

I have decided that blog posts that I do like these in the future, would have some form of an update system, to save people looking through them to find the changes.

Less Questions for Comments:

I’ve come to realise that a lot of people that are reading WordPress blogs do not either a) have a WordPress account to leave a comment or b) do not comment in general.

I find that also obvious with 9to5Mac recently changing their commenting system from WordPress to Disqus and they are now getting infinitely more comments on each post.

I was inspired by Jaime Rivera who does “Pocketnow Daily” along with a few other sources, who ask a question at the end of the video or article for viewers to answer and this does not seem to be working.

I am likely going to reduce if not remove the number of questions that I ask at the end of blog posts because I end up repeating a lot of what I have already said.

Platform to Advertise Self-Made Apps and Updates:

With the expansion of the type of blog posts that I do, I have decided to use this blog to help advertise any mobile application projects that I work on.

When it comes to developing products and services, I am primarily an iOS Developer. I’ve worked on a couple of already published apps, with having just released the Kelly Pool app the other day, and click on that link to find out more.

Supporting Twitter Profile:

You may already be aware if you have come to this blog post from your Twitter Feed, but I have now created a new Twitter profile, with the Twitter handle @neilh_apps.

I created this profile to primarily help advertise the apps that I create by myself and also to alert users when new blog posts are live.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter as I will be posting:

  • When new blog posts are live.
  • New and updated apps made by myself.
  • General tweets on the latest news, that are not quite worth writing a blog about.
  • Tweet during some of the major technology conferences, including Google I/O in mid May 2016 and Apple’s WWDC in June.

And that brings us to the end of this update. I’m looking forward to implementing these changes and I hope you are looking forward to seeing them.