How much free iCloud storage should Apple give?

Apple currently providing users 5GB’s of data for each Apple ID used.


I went to backup my iPhone and iPad to iCloud the other day and I’ve already hit my 5GB of free data, with most of it being photos and app data.

What is Apple’s solution to this:

In Australia, Apple is providing the following storage configurations for the following prices.

  • 50GB = $1.49 p/m or $17.88 p/yr
  • 200GB = $4.49 p/m or $53.88 p/yr
  • 1000GB (1TB) = $14.99 p/m or $179.88 p/yr

I will say that these are reasonable prices for what Apple offers, but you might be asking yourselves:

What are Apple’s competitors doing:

What Apple’s competitors are providing in regards to free storage are great compared to Apple and they include the following:


  • 15GB’s for free in Google Drive.
  • 100GB = $1.99 p/m or $23.88 p/yr.
  • 1000GB = $9.99 p/m or $119.88 p/yr.
  • Google Photos provides free, UNLIMITED, automatic photo and video backups up to 16MP for photos and 1080p HD for videos (they are slightly downscaled, but not noticeable).


  • 5GB’s for free in OneDrive.
  • 50GB = $1.99 p/m or $23.88 p/yr.
  • 1000GB + Office 365 = $6.99 p/m or $83.88 p/yr for 1 user.
  • 1000GB each + Office 365 = $9.99 p/m or $119.88 p/yr for 5 user.


  • 10GB’s for free and 250MB maximum file size limit.
  • 100GB’s for $11.50 p/m or $138 p/yr with 5GB maximum file size limit.

Why is 5GBs free iCloud storage not enough:

To start with, there are a few flaws with the iCloud setup when it comes to free storage (all from a single Apple ID for multiple devices perspective).

To start with, if I bought an iPhone, an iPad and a MacBook, you’d think I’d get 5GB’s for each device. NOPE!

If Apple changes their formula alone to allow this then that alone will solve all of the issues I have with the free storage tier for iCloud.

Also, Apple encourages a feature called Mail Drop to upload large files up to 5GB’s in size to send to other people via email (which theoretically send a download link to the receiver). How are you suppose to do this if you only have 5GB’s of free storage?

What I think the best solution is:

What I want to see with the release of iOS 10, is upgrade each user’s iCloud storage capacities for the free tier to either:

  • 5GB’s for each active device linked to an Apple ID OR
  • 20GB’s of free storage to give enough flexibility and freedom for backups and some small photo collections.


Obviously I do not see Apple giving everyone free or incredibly large amounts of storage for free, because they want you to either a) pay for more local storage with your device. E.g. US$100 extra or b) pay a monthly fee for cloud storage.

This is evident with Apple’s Q2 2016 financial results showing that the 2nd biggest form or revenue for the company was services, which include iTunes, App Store, Apple Music and iCloud Storage.

People who want to use say at least 50GBs of cloud storage, should have to pay a small fee for it without a doubt. But 5GBs just does not pass it anymore for free storage.

When iCloud was first released, it was a part of iOS 5 which debut with the iPhone 4s which was the first device to get an 8MP camera and 1080p video recording. Now we have iPhones and iPads with 12MP cameras and 4K video recording and no increase in iCloud storage.

So there you go, I honestly reckon Apple needs to be more fair and competitive with the free storage they provide but this leads me to the question for this post:

“How much free storage do you think is fair for iCloud?”

Please leave a comment below, I’m curious to hear what you have to say.

That all being said and with my somewhat rant over, thank you for reading this blog post.

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