WWDC 2016 Announced

Apple has today announced details on its next WWDC conference.

WWDC stands for the WorldWide Developer’s Conference, of which this will be Apple’s 27th Developer Conference.

WWDC 2015 at Moscone West Convention Centre in San Francisco, California.

The conference is announced to be held at Moscone West Convention Centre, in San Francisco, California. This is the same building as to where the conference has been held at for the past 10 years.

At last years conference 80% of developers for Apple’s platform were at the conference for the first time, and more than 70 countries were represented at the conference.

Developers can now register for tickets up until Friday, April 22 at 10am PDT, to go into a random selection process and be notified if they were successful or not by Monday, April 25th at 5pm PDT. Apple will also for the 2nd year running, offer up to 350 WWDC scholarships for students and STEM organisation members from around the world and 125 of these will get travel assistance to help them with financial limitations.

If you are not a developer you’re probably asking, what should we expect to see at the conference? Will we get the iPhone 7?

WWDC is predominately a software focused event. Apple always releases major updates to their existing software and services each year and these are all generally announced at WWDC in June each year.

When the major software updates are announced they go into what is called a beta period, which is where developers get access to the software early to produce updates for it and also help iron out and bugs, glitches and errors that appear in the system to make everything run smoothly for when up to a billion devices update at launch for each major software update in September/October.

That all being said, we should be expecting to at least see iOS 10, the next version of OS X likely being called MacOS, watchOS 3 and tvOS 10 along with some other updates in general.

I will be making another blog post in the coming weeks (which I expect to be heavily detailed) on everything that I expect to see at the event, but for now you can checkout my iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 wishlists.

This leads me to the question for this post:

“What do you want to see most at WWDC 2016? And why?”

For me, it’s most definitely iOS 10, because that is the platform I both develop apps for and I am a daily iPhone 5s and iPad Air user. 2nd to that would be MacOS as I am a daily MacBook Pro Retina user.

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