Top 10: Reasons to NOT get the iPad Pro 9.7inch

The iPad Pro 9.7 was recently announced as the 2nd member to the iPad Pro family of devices. It is designed to be a step-up from the iPad Air 2 which is still on the market and got a US$100 price drop.

I recently made a post on the Top 10 Reasons to get the iPad Pro 9.7inch and you can read after this one, by clicking here to open in a new tab.

But in this post I am going to list the reasons I recommend you to consider upgrading or switching to the iPad Pro 9.7inch.

10. Your iPad runs the latest version of iOS really well:

That is if you own a newly released iPad from within the past 3 years, your iPad would likely run very well or well enough with iOS 9 to make it not feel like it is sluggish and that the latest processor would do you wonders in upgrading too.

9. You have enough local storage:

If you have bought a 16GB iPad in the past, I would definitely upgrade your iPad even if it is to just get 32GB of data as it is a significant jump in space.

Do realise that if you are upgrading from an iPad 2 or iPad Mini 1 with a Non-Retina Screen, do not that all the apps and OS use up more storage because of the higher resolution artwork needed from developers.

8. A9X Processor is under-clocked compared to 12.9inch iPad Pro:

To speak in geek terms, the iPad Pro 9.7inch’s A9X Processor is under-clocked at 2.16GHz compared the iPad Pro 12.9inch’s A9X Processor at 2.24GHz.

It is a fairly weak excuse to not upgrade because of it, but more power the better.

7. 2GB of RAM:

The iPad Air 2 was the first iOS device to get 2GB of RAM and the iPad Pro 9.7inch also has 2GB of RAM.

The reason this is a big deal is that the iPad Pro 12.9inch being the other member of the iPad Pro family of devices, has 4GB of RAM.

This is quite important because the iPad Pro has enough RAM to run the equivalent of 2 full screen apps side by side without any minor issues at all.

At time of writing, we have not heard of how well this iPad Pro 9.7inch is performing, but 2GB of RAM is definitely not the same as 4GB of RAM.

For people that do not understand RAM, it is the random access memory that your apps and operating system uses to keep them actively opened or paused in the background. Think of it like a kitchen bench, you only need so much, but you can never have too much!

6. Protruding Rear Camera:


We first had this issue on the iPhone 6/Plus and then on the iPhone 6s/Plus but now it has spread the disease over to the iPad and I hope Apple has a vaccine for the next iPad to get rid of this.

I have seen this in a shop, but it’s not a major issue in terms of wobbling with the tablet flat or if you have a case, but camera’s sticking out is ugly.

5. Missing Side Switch:

On all iPad models prior to the iPad Air 2, we had a Side Switch just above the volume controls.

This was used in software to be assigned for either lock rotation or to mute the iPad when turned on (with the other being a button in Control Centre).

Since the iPad Air 2 both of these options are now in the Control Centre and I cannot see myself (at this point in time), living without this side toggle as I use it for the lock rotation to keep the iPad in portrait or landscape mode, all the time!

Sure I could do the same thing in Control Centre but it is so much easier to flick a switch then it is to swipe up on control centre (twice when watching a video or playing a game to show you are not accidentally trying to open it) and then tap it to turn it on or off then swipe down to hide the control centre.

4. You have no use for the Apple Pencil:

The Apple Pencil is aimed at artists and graphic designers (and even doodlers if you want to stretch the audience), but if you do not intend to get the Apple Pencil and do not need the other things on this list, you may be satisfied with the iPad Air 2 or your current iPad.

3. No need for Smart Connector Accessories:

If you are not planning on using your iPad with Apple’s Smart Keyboard or equivalent or any future smart connector accessories, there is less of a reason to get the iPad Pro 9.7inch.

2. Touch ID sensor only 1st generation:

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the home button in this iPad Pro 9.7inch, is the exact same as on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/Plus and all other iPads to date.

The reason this is bad is because the 2nd generation on the iPhone 6s/Plus, it was ridiculously faster.

I remember trying it on the iPhone 6s Plus in store and it is stupidly fast. It’s more accurate and 2x faster than the first generation.

As an iPhone 5s user, I would definitely want the 2nd generation on any future iOS device I purchase.

1. Limited Software:

Hear me out…

iOS 9 is a massive step forward in terms of multitasking on the iPad, but it still has a long way to go.

Two of the major gripes with split-view on the iPads running iOS 9, is that you a) cannot run two documents from the same app at the same time (e.g. two Microsoft Word documents) and b) you cannot have two separate webpages opened at the same time.

Also there are aspects to iOS including the home screen, that needs more to it and you can check out what I have to say about all of this in my iOS 10 Wishlist blog post.


And this leaves me to the question for the post:

“Will you get the iPad Pro 9.7inch? And what would you be changing from?”

In my case, I like everything that I see with the iPad Pro 9.7inch including the True Tone Display, Four Speaker Audio, Smart Connector and Apple Pencil support.

I own an iPad Air 1 and the only two real things I want that my iPad can’t do is split-view and Touch ID, but given the Touch ID sensor is still only the first generation like on the iPad Air 2, I’m not sold on upgrading and will look for more of a change, as I use my iPad primarily for watching YouTube, social media and browsing the web etc.

I also think it would be worthwhile waiting for the iPads to get 3D Touch support, which will also force developers to add support for it.

I hope I have helped you with your buying decision (if you are looking into getting the iPad Pro 9.7inch) and be sure to give a like on this post, if I did help you with your decision making process, or if you enjoyed reading this and follow me if you want to see more posts like this in the future.