Top 10: Reasons to get the iPad Pro 9.7inch

The iPad Pro 9.7 was recently announced as the 2nd member to the iPad Pro family of devices. It is designed to be a step-up from the iPad Air 2 which is still on the market and got a US$100 price drop.

In this post I am going to list the reasons I recommend you to consider upgrading or switching to the iPad Pro 9.7inch.

10. LTE Advanced support:

LTE Advanced is an evolutionary step above standard 4G LTE with even better speeds.

The iPad Pro 12.9inch with 4G LTE can get up to 150Mbps (mega-bits per second) and the iPad Pro 9.7inch can now get with 4G LTE Advanced up to 300Mbps and has support for 3 additional LTE bands which is great for travelling around the world.

Antenna lines for cellular models look more clean than solid tab at one end.

This is number 10 on the list because not everyone buy’s cellular iPads.

9. 256GB storage option:

For the first time ever in an iOS device, you can get 256GB’s of built-in local storage.

This is great for people that store tuns of apps, music, photos and especially videos on their iPads.

This will also work well with the 4K Video Recording feature as that uses a lot of storage space, even though people should not be taking photos and videos with their iPads in public.

That being said…

8. Upgraded cameras:

The iPad Pro 9.7inch has an upgraded camera and is also superior to the one in the 12.9inch iPad Pro. The camera now has:

  • 12MP rear camera.
  • 4K Video Recording.
  • Live Photos.
  • FaceTime HD Camera at 5MP.
  • Retina Flash for FaceTime camera.

This all being said, once again, people should not be using the cameras on the iPads in public, especially at crowded events.

7. Rose Gold colour:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 6.36.56 PM

If you absolutely need the Rose Gold (or Bros Gold) colour, then this is the iPad for you.

Note: The iPad Pro 12.9inch does not come in Rose Gold despite it being an from the same family of devices.

6. Smart Connector:

The smart connector is important for Apple for future accessories.

There is currently the option to get a compatible case to dock into the smart connector that is able to transfer data and power to and from accessories etc.

I feel that it will also be important with the Apple Pencil 2 if and when it is released, as it may use a Smart Connector to charge it up instead of the Lightning connector to avoid it embarrassingly sticking out, which only significantly increases the chances of it breaking. Either that or they will make a bendable hinge at the top of the pencil so it can charge while being flush with the bottom of the device.

5. Always On “Hey Siri” support:

This is important for a productivity user as they can easily ask Siri to do stuff with their voice and not need to press on the home button. This would be incredibly handy on an iPad for:

  • Opening a webpage.
  • Asking a basic question.
  • Setup a reminder.
  • Start a timer or set an alarm.
  • Open any application on their iPad.

4. A9X Processor with M9 Co-Processor:

This is the next processor after the A8X chip found in the iPad Air 2 and the same one in the iPad Pro 12.9inch.

Do note thought that the one in the 9.7inch iPad Pro is ever-so slightly slower than the one in the 12.9inch iPad Pro, either on purpose to make people get the larger iPad Pro or because of less pixels on the display that rely on the processor.

That all said, the A9X Processor’s CPU (processing power) is 1.8x faster and graphics are up to 2.0x faster than the iPad Air 2 which has the A8X processor.

3. Four Speaker Audio:

There is no denying it, the four speaker audio system is probably the best audio setup on an iOS device to date, and I really, really hope that Apple brings this to the iPhone in a future update.

There is a speaker in each corner of the device (top and bottom when held in portrait mode) that sounds even better when watching movies or watching TV Shows or stream online video.

This is important for someone who watches a lot of video or play a lot of games on their iPad.

2. True Tone Display:

As Phil Schiller described during the keynote, the True Tone Display is like iOS 9.3’s Night Shift mode, except it adapts the display to act more like looking at a sheet of paper and the screen adapts based on the type of lighting setting that you are in.

1. Apple Pencil Support:

There is no denying it, the real reason you would seriously consider either of the iPad Pro models, is because of support for the Apple Pencil.

I am not an artist, but having support for the Apple Pencil alone is perhaps the biggest differentiator between this an iPad Air 2 for artists and graphic designers etc.


And this leaves me to the question for the post:

“Will you get the iPad Pro 9.7inch? And what would you be changing from?”

In my case, I like everything that I see with the iPad Pro 9.7inch including the True Tone Display, Four Speaker Audio, Smart Connector and Apple Pencil support.

I own an iPad Air 1 and the only two real things I want that my iPad can’t do is split-view and Touch ID, but given the Touch ID sensor is still only the first generation like on the iPad Air 2, I’m not sold on upgrading and will look for more of a change, as I use mine for watching YouTube and social media etc.

I also think it would be worthwhile waiting for the iPads to get 3D Touch support, which will also force developers to add support for it.

I hope I have helped you with your buying decision (if you are looking into getting the iPad Pro 9.7inch) and be sure to give a like on this post, if I did help you with your decision making process, or if you enjoyed reading this and follow me if you want to see more posts like this in the future.



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