Review Roundup: HTC 10

HTC 10 is the latest flagship from HTC that is the sequel to the HTC One M9.

For starters the name change signifies that they are hoping that you as a customer would see this smartphone as a 10 out of 10. But do we? That is where this review roundup comes into play.

Listed below are many of the reviews of the HTC 10 with more being added over the next few weeks as they become available.



  • Aluminum feels solid in the hand. Not a single rough edge.
  • Side buttons are clicker.
  • IP53 Water Resistant (not submerged in water but enough if you spill water on it).
  • Best LCD Display Jaime has seen in years.
  • Capacitive keys at the bottom allowing for more content on the screen.
  • Covering the speakers with your fingers won’t muffle the audio.
  • Software improvements boost launch times.
  • Performance, multitasking and gaming are all great.
  • Eliminate bloatware and duplicates by partnering with Google. E.g. only HTC camera app and no Google camera app.
  • Supports Apple’s AirPlay on an Android device, out of the box.
  • Updated apps look closer to stock Android Material Design.
  • Android OS updates now within 15 days of stock Android release, which is insanely quick for Android OS updates.
  • Boost+ service is very useful.
  • Lock screen gestures including swipe down twice for camera.
  • Phone calls are solid throughout the earpiece.
  • 24 hours of use before the battery dies with 4.5hrs of screen on time.
  • Quick Charge 3.0 charger which go 0% to 100% in a little more than an hour.
  • Camera focuses up to 3x faster than M9.
  • Pro mode in the camera.
  • Front Facing Camera has Optical Image Stabilization, which would make it the best phone for vlogging.


  • HTC removed the IR Blaster.
  • Device does get a little warm after about 10mins of games but nothing that hinders the experience.
  • Needs a denser grid icon setup on their Quad HD screen. E.g. more apps on each home screen page.
  • Camera app needs a little more tweaking in the focusing front but is easily fixable to get a perfect 10.


Calling this phone a perfect 10 is subjective for each user. One of the best Jaime has reviewed this year.

HTC 10 is a great phone and highly recommends you give it a try.

Android Authority:


  • Aluminum design has some tweaks. 9mm is a good thickness.
  • Good brightness outdoors.
  • Game are great to play on this.
  • Performance and multitasking are smooth.
  • No bloatware or duplicates of apps.
  • Fingerprint sensor is fast to setup.
  • Motion gestures when screen is off, including the new swipe down twice for camera.
  • Call quality has been good thus far.
  • Good pair of headphones with device will make you hear a difference thanks to built in DAC (Digital Audio Converter).
  • Battery gets 4.5hrs of screen on time over 13hour days with possibility to get 2 days with very light usage.
  • Boost+ app has a mode to scale down QHD games to Full HD to help save battery.
  • Quick Charge 3.0 charger.
  • USB-C Port.
  • HDR for the camera app helps produce better photos.
  • Consistent quality when taking photos is great.
  • Optical Image Stabilization in Front Facing Camera, especially for vlogs.
  • Theme Store for home screen with a freestyle mode but needs to be more fleshed out.


  • Not bad but a noticeable bezel around the display.
  • Slightly larger than most other similar screen sized smartphones.
  • Pretty damp slippery to hold in your hand.
  • Missing IR Blaster. HTC says not a widely used feature anymore.
  • USB-C Port likely means you need to bring a dedicated charging cable (at least if you use a lot of microUSB cables).
  • Big issues with back-lit subjects with photos.


Feels like it’s been a long time coming.

Looks and feels like a proper flagship phone and is a true contender this year. Audio is great and camera is now not the best but is great enough to have as a daily shooter.



  • Feels incredible in your hand.
  • Likes the textured power button.
  • Fingerprint sensor works incredibly well.
  • microSD card slot.
  • Headphones sound incredible.
  • Speakers are incredibly solid, despite new setup.
  • Performance is fast.
  • Laser Autofocus on the camera is incredibly fast.
  • Camera ranks up there with the iPhone 6s/Plus and on par if not slightly lower than the Galaxy S7.
  • 4K Video recording with 24-bit audio recording.
  • Front Facing Camera has OIS.
  • Camera app can shoot in RAW format via Pro Mode.
  • A lot of bloatware/duplicates are gone.
  • Freestyle home screen mode is neat but didn’t use it much.
  • Battery is outstanding. Easily get through a full day.


  • Camera hump.
  • Not a pressable button (like with iPhones).
  • Supports Apple’s AirPlay but could not get it working in the 4.5 days they had the device before the review.
  • No Wireless Charging.


Jon has been tough on HTC in past years, but really likes the HTC 10.

Get a buy recommendation.

“If you want a phone that going to feel great in the hand, have a killer camera, a great screen, last you for a year or two years, I really think look no further than the HTC 10. Pick it up, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.” – Jon Rettinger April 2016.

The Verge:


  • Fingerprint scanner.
  • Camera is much better than any HTC phone to date, but still not great.
  • Front Facing Camera has OIS.
  • Performance is really fast, but not really faster than the S7.
  • Battery gets through a full day, definitely not 2 days unless you are an incredibly light usage user.
  • Quick Charge 3.0 via USB-C port.
  • No bloatware/duplicates in software.
  • Interface looks a lot more like a Nexus phone.


  • Display is sharp and bright, but not as saturated as the S7.
  • Speakers are loud and great, but do not sound really any better than any other smartphone.
  • Launch camera from lock screen is quite slow.
  • Camera performance is fairly slow to launch and capture.


Easily the best smartphone that HTC has ever made.

Well performing, well made, reliable smartphone that lasts all day.

Problem for HTC, is that other smartphones offer more than the HTC 10 and the 10 is really just a smartphone so it might not be enough.


Based on the reviews listed above, it seems like people are mainly positive and likely to recommend the HTC 10 because of its improvements over previous HTC devices.

The most critical review was definitely ‘The Verge’ who just seem to be hating on the device because it does not do anything unique that other smartphones cannot do already, e.g. 3D Touch from iPhone 6s or Edge UX on the Galaxy S7.

Now this leads me to the question for this post:

“Are you planning on getting the HTC 10? And if so, why?”

For me, I would definitely at least consider the HTC 10 as a future smartphone upgrade, but the only real grips I have with the phone (as it is at time of writing the review), is that it cannot currently take advantage of the features from Android N including Split-Screen Multitasking and the home button is not pressable like on the Galaxy S7.

I honestly feel that this device may become more of a compelling purchase for a lot of users, if and when it gets the final released version of Android N, but please leave a comment below, I’m curious to hear what you have to say.

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