Top 10: Reasons to get the iPhone SE

The iPhone SE was recently announced as the new 4.0inch iPhone are realistically the sequel to the iPhone 5s with the majority of the specs from the iPhone 6s.

Most people thought this device was just meh, but in this post, I am going to give you the Top 10 Reasons that you should upgrade to the iPhone SE.

10. Retina Flash for the FaceTime HD Camera:

No 4.0inch iPhone has a Retina Flash on the screen with the SE being the first.

It lights up the screen to a specific colour to get a bright flash like you would with the True Tone Flash on the back of recent iPhones to accurate skin colour in certain lighting conditions etc.

This is important for people that take a lot of selfies.

9. Cost:

iPhone SE starts at US$399 for 16GB and US$499 for 64GB. These are AU$679 and AU$829 respectively in Australia which are both exactly AU$400 cheaper than their equivalent iPhone 6s models which have a 4.7inch screen.

For that extra AU$400, you get (just to name a few):

  • Larger 4.7inch screen vs. 4.0inches.
  • Curved design that you may prefer in your hand.
  • 5MP FaceTime HD Camera.
  • Touch ID 2nd Generation.
  • 3D Touch.

But if none of these are important to you, then you can’t go wrong with the iPhone SE for the most up to date specs for the price.

8. 802.11ac Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Calling support:

Faster Wi-Fi is always a good thing and the iPhone SE now has 802.11ac Wi-Fi support which provides speeds that are up to 3x faster than 802.11n Wi-Fi at similar distances from wireless router.

Take note though, that you will only benefit from this if you are for example in Australia, on true NBN and have an 802.11ac Wireless Router.

The phone also now support VoLTE which is Voice over LTE which is regular phone calls over the 4G network if both phones are VoLTE compatible and are connected to the 4G network.

7. Rose Gold colour:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.01.14 PM
iPhone SE designs on the back which are available in 4 colours, including Rose Gold for the first time on a 4.0inch iPhone.

If you like the new Rose Gold (or some refer to it as bros gold) coloured iPhone (I honestly think it’s closer to a pink in my opinion), then you now have that colour option for the first time on a 4.0inch iPhone.

6. Always On “Hey Siri”:

You can do Siri on any iPhone since the 4s from 2011, but an Always On “Hey Siri” will like on the iPhone 6s/Plus and new iPad Pro 9.7inch, allow you to say “Hey Siri” out loud to activate Siri on your iOS device without the need to hold down the home button to activate Siri.

This could potentially be useful while cooking for example if you have a timer set to bake your own cookies like the Cookie Monster did in this recent ad.

Note: I really like this ad.

5. A9 Processor with M9 Co-Processor:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.28.48 PM

The iPhone SE in comparison to the iPhone 5s has a CPU (processing power) that is 2x faster and a GPU (graphics power) that is 3x faster.

These are quite a decent jump in processing power compared to the iPhone 5s and should hopefully make everything on your iPhone be just that little bit smoother (especially with the most up to date software being best optimised to work with the latest hardware).

4. Improved battery life:

With the iPhone SE, compared to the iPhone 5s it has a larger battery inside of it (no one on the internet knows how many mAh at time of writing this post) but also has a more energy efficient processor being the A9 chip.

The battery life is as stated by Apple as follows for the iPhone SE compared to the 5s.

  • 50hrs audio playback vs. 40hrs on 5s.
  • 13hrs video playback vs. 10hrs on 5s.
  • 13hrs Wi-Fi Browsing vs. 10hrs on 5s.
  • 13hrs LTE Browsing vs. 10hrs on 5s.
  • 12hrs 3G Browsing vs. 8hrs on 5s.
  • 14hrs 3G Phone Calls vs. 10hrs on 5s.

This gives the indication that the battery life should be roughly 20-40% better than on the 5s.

On my iPhone 5s I get a screen on time average of around 5hrs every-day, so this will likely mean that the battery will be closer to if not better than 6hrs, which may be slightly better than the iPhone 6 and 6s, thanks to the slightly lower resolution screen (1136×640 vs. 1334×750 on the iPhone 6/s).

3. Camera:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.30.36 PM.png

The camera has got a significant upgrade on the iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE camera now has compared to the iPhone 5s:

  • 12MP Rear Camera.
  • 4K Video Recording at 30 FPS (frames per second).
  • 1080p Video Recording at 60FPS.
  • 1080p Slow-Mo Video Recording at 1080p.
  • 720p Video Recording at 240FPS.
  • Live Photos.
  • Autofocus with Focus Pixels.
  • Panoramas at up to 63 megapixels.
  • Improved local tone mapping.
  • Improved noise reduction.
  • Cinematic Video Stabilization (1080p and 720p)
  • Continuous Autofocus in Video mode.
  • Take 8 megapixel still photos while recording 4K Video.

This is a big jump in terms of what the camera can do compared to the 5s, and also another very minor reason to get the SE, NO CAMERA BUMP!

2. Apple Pay:

There is no denying it, that Apple Pay is the mobile payment service that helped kickstart this space again (despite Google Wallet being out for years) as all competitors have now tried to copy and beat it including Google with Android Pay and Samsung with Samsung Pay.

And now Apple Pay is available for the first time on a 4.0inch iPhone with the NFC chip built into the phone and this is a compelling reason to upgrade, if there is support in your home country and for the credit or debit card that you currently use.

The NFC chip could also possibly be opened up in future software to work with other NFC devices for wireless headphones to help with pairing etc.

1. Single-handed use and pocket-ability:

This is one of the reasons that I decided to get the iPhone 5s at launch and the reason people should consider getting the iPhone SE is that you can easily use the phone without having to move the phone in the palm of your hand.

If you like to be able to touch all 4 corners of the screen while holding in your same hand, this is a compelling reason to get the iPhone SE over a larger iPhone or popular Android device.

I also really enjoy the pocket-ability of the iPhone 5s as it is quick and easy to put in your pocket, especially if you have not very deep pockets.


And this leaves me to the question for the post:

“Will you get the iPhone SE? And what would you be changing from?”

In my case, if I were really wanting to stick with the 4.0inch screened phone then I would see this as a very compelling upgrade, but I honestly believe that when I upgrade I will go for a larger screen, but please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you have to say about this.

I also wrote a list of Top 10 Reasons NOT to get the iPhone SE and you can see that by clicking here.

I hope I have helped your buying decision (if you are looking into getting the iPhone SE) and be sure to give a like on this post if I did help you with your decision making process or if you enjoyed reading this or follow me if you want to see more posts like this in the future.



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