April Fools Day 2016 Online Jokes

Just like every other year, April Fools Day gets a lot of major and well known companies and online businesses like big YouTube channels to put out some form of an April Fools joke that tries to be incredibly real.

Listed below are just a few of the April Fools Jokes that are going viral on the internet.

Google Cardboard Plastic:

iFixit’s Smother Bag:

Google Express:

Future of Linus Tech Tips:

Virgin Australia Kids Class:

Mitsubishi Motors:

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Google Smart Socks:

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Google Japanese Input Physical Flick Version:

Virgin America New Logo:

Android Authority – Is this the PERFECT Smartphone?


I think the best ones are Google Cardboard Plastic, Google Express and Android Authority’s PERFECT Smartphone, but what was your favourite video(s)? Leave a comment below.

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