Rumour: Apple Store in Federation Square Melbourne – UPDATE: CONFIRMED

UPDATE DEC 2017: Apple has officially announced that they will be building a store at Fed Square. Building commences in 2019, and open for the public sometime in 2020. Details: 

Rumour circulating this morning announced on Melbourne’s 3AW Breakfast show believing that part of Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square is going to be knocked down and re-built to incorporate a flagship Apple Store.

The Government and Council cannot provide any further information and this is only a rumour.

But the big question of it all is:

Does it make sense?

This would be a very wise move by Apple if it is true, since they currently have 5 outer suburb stores including a regular store at Chadstone in the outer suburbs (which is the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere), but they do not have one in the Melbourne CBD.

Federation Square, Melbourne CBD, Australia.

This will make it easier for people to get to an Apple Store if they are a) in the CBD for work or live there, or b) coming from an outer suburb via train to Flinders Street station which would put you right opposite where Federation Square is.

This also makes sense to help increase foot traffic at Federation Square.

As for flagship stores, the only flagship store Australia has (that I am aware of) is in the Sydney CBD, which is where a lot of the TV coverage is from when a new iPhone or Apple product is released, as it is one of the first to distribute the products thanks to the timezone advantage over (for example) Europe and America.

Sydney CBD Apple Store

You can check out the link I found the rumour from below, and this leads me to the question for this post:

“Do you think Apple should build a flagship store in Melbourne’s CBD even if it is not at Federation Square?”

I certainly believe that it makes sense from a financial, convenience and foot traffic perspective to invest in a store in the Melbourne CBD, but leave your comment below, as I’m curious to know what others think about this and be sure to like this post and follow me for more posts like this in the future.