Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my self named blog.

At the time of writing I am currently in the process of creating my own website (www.neilhoulston.com.au) and I wanted to create a blog to work alongside it and believe that having a separate WordPress blog to link to it, was the best way to go from a maintenance, post creation (including on the go and auto draft saves), commenting and search-ability perspective.

I have recently completed my Bachelor of IT degree specializing in Mobile and Apps Development and Interactive Media Design. Both before and during my degree, my love and interest for any technology has been growing. What I find most interesting about technology and especially mobile technologies is how the technology is designed and produced, what each component does and what effect it has as a whole on the user.

During my 3rd year at university I helped co-produce 2 mobile apps being ‘Skatepark Finder Victoria’ and ‘Shopping Australia’ of which the later was one of my original ideas. These are both currently available on the iOS App Store, with Shopping Australia also having an Android version and all linked at the bottom of this post.

I am hoping to cover a wide variety of type of blog posts including:

  • Technology Trends
  • Expectations, Initial Impressions and Reviews from major technology conferences (e.g. Apple’s keynotes including WWDC in June and Googles events including Google I/O in May/June).
  • Simple Programming Tutorials.
  • Tech Tips.
  • Explain what new technology means and the impact it will have.
  • Wishlists for upcoming software and hardware products.
  • Reviews on hardware and software.

One of the first posts coming out soon that I have been thinking of for a while is a list of all the features and changes that need to happen to iOS starting with iOS 10 announced in June, so stay tuned for that.

This post was purely to have something to get this blog up and going and what to expect from it and I hope you will look forward to seeing the content on this blog, as much I am producing them.

If you are looking forward to more posts from this blog, please like this post.

Skatepark Finder Victoria: http://apple.co/1Rtos6o

Shopping Australia – iOS: http://apple.co/1Odsj95

Shopping Australia – Android: http://bit.ly/1ja2qdz