S7 & S7 Edge Announcement Thoughts

#TheNextGalaxy was announced earlier Monday morning (5am on Australia’s East Coast) and Samsung unveiled the S7 and S7 Edge.

A lot of the rumours came true as to what I was predicting, so below is a list of all the specs and features of the devices with my thoughts on each.

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Expectations for Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

We are now only a few days away with Samsung’s next event being on Sunday 21st February at 7:00pm Barcelona time (GMT + 1:00) with everyone expecting Samsung to announce the next flagship devices being the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

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Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my self named blog.

At the time of writing I am currently in the process of creating my own website (www.neilhoulston.com.au) and I wanted to create a blog to work alongside it and believe that having a separate WordPress blog to link to it, was the best way to go from a maintenance, post creation (including on the go and auto draft saves), commenting and search-ability perspective.

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